Episode 22: How to Create a Positive Menstrual Culture (Jane Bennett)

Whether you’re a coach or educator who is working in the menstruality field, or you’re guiding a young one in your life as they experience their first period, or you simply want to deepen your connection to your own cycle, you’re likely to encounter menstrual shame in yourself and others…

In today’s episode, we speak with one of the original pioneers in the menstruality field, founder of the Chalice Foundation and a celebration Day for Girls, Jane Bennett about how to navigate this shame, so we can dignify the cycle and work together to create a menstrually positive world.

In This Episode:
  • How Jane learned to read her cycle in her 20s and got empowered to manage her cyclic wellbeing, and how this has positively impacted her life post menopause.

  • What Jane learned from gathering the stories and experiences of over 3000 women and girls about current attitudes to the menstrual cycle to write her book About Bloody Time: The Menstrual Revolution We Have to Have.

  • How can we each work in our own unique way to heal the menstrual taboo and play our role in the menstrual revolution.

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