Episode 150. The Inner Autumn Powers that Awaken in our 40s (Alexandra & Sjanie)

As with your early years of cycling, your later years of cycling are a transitional time.

Your 20s and 30s are all about discovering your rhythm and firming up your sense of self. But from your 40s onwards, the focus begins to shift. Subtly, you start to feel that you're stepping up to a bigger game. It's as though the clock on your life is now ticking. That's why Alexandra and Sjanie call this life phase "the Quickening".

You may start to find that your inner autumn, premenstrual energies seem to dominate more of your whole cycle experience, and as challenging as this may feel, something powerful is being worked within you.

That’s exactly what we’re talking about today - the inner autumn powers that wake up in your 40s and the potent self care practice that helps you to channel them into your life.

In our upcoming Cycle Power six-week online course we’ll be exploring this inner autumn self care practice, along with the rest of the inner seasons - we’re starting on June 21st and you can find out all about it at redschool.net/cyclepower

In This Episode:
  • How to hold ourselves when the anesthetic wears off in our 40s (just like in the premenstruum), so that we can invite in greater depth and self-responsibility.

  • How the inner autumn in the cycle and our lives calls us home to our natural authority and power

  • Why the practice of ‘gearing down’ is vital in the Quickening and how to do it in a world which wants to keep us hustling.

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