Episode 142: Your Womb, Your Menstrual Cycle and Expressing Your Truth (Alycia Camacho)

How easy do you find it to express your truth? On the podcast today, we’re exploring the connection between the womb and the voice, why so many of us feel blocked in our expression, and how we can literally talk and sing our way back to our power, so that we can use our voices to create the world we want for ourselves and future generations.

Our guest is Alycia Camacho - a spoken word artist who is passionate about supporting people to activate their own voices. She’s also a Hormonal Health Coach and the founder of Embracing Cycles and has taken a long, challenging and ultimately liberating healing journey with emotionally and physically painful cycles for the past decade.

Alycia shares what has supported her to transform from being the shy kid who didn’t believe she had anything of value to say, to becoming an artist with a powerful impact today - as you’ll hear for yourself from the excerpts of Alycia’s spoken word art we share throughout the episode.

Trigger warning: We talk about Alycia’s abortion experience in depth in the first half of the conversation, so take care of yourself if that isn’t a topic that is good for you to connect with at this time.

In This Episode:
  • How Alycia’s cycle healing journey - including a traumatic abortion experience - ultimately led her to a profound freedom of expression.

  • Some simple, practical, accessible ways to begin using your voice as an instrument.

  • How Alycia’s is reclaiming her indigenous lineage, and how we can work with our wombs and voices to connect to our ancestors, and bring our unique medicine into the world.

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