Episode 133: How The Menstrual Cycle Changed Our Lives (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Around 20 years ago, in London, Sjanie was living her life with great abandon. Bold, confident and out there…she was invulnerable.

But she had no menstrual cycle - she had been on the contraceptive injection for seven years.It was only when she started to have intense pain after orgasm that she suddenly sensed something was missing and that she needed to get her cycle back… and today we hear the amazing story of what happened once her cycles returned.

We also hear the full story of how the menstrual cycle also changed everything for Alexandra, including her long journey to heal debilitating menstrual pain, and the immense gifts she received along the way, by surrendering to the power of menstruation.

In This Episode:
  • What Sjanie’s mentor, Maggie, meant when she said that Sjanie was living life with her gloves on?!

  • What happened when Alexandra’s partner held her through the worst of her pain, even as she was cursing the patriarchy.

  • And how the intimacy with the menstrual cycle awakened a profound sense of purpose for both Alexandra & Sjanie.

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