Episode 128: Can Menstrual Cycle Awareness Teach us How to Live Sustainably on Earth? (Lazola MaDuka)

Our guest today, Lazola MaDuka lives a homesteading life on a biodynamic farm amongst giant mountains and trees in South Africa. Her life is utterly wedded to the land, the weather and the seasons - her land tells her what it needs and when.

Lazola is also a Period + Menstrual Cycle Embodiment Coach, a Red Tent Facilitator and a certified Menstruality Mentor  - she’s a graduate of the Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme. So, in our conversation today, she connects the dots between her relationship to the seasonal landscape around her, and her relationship to the cyclical landscape within her own body.

Along the way she illuminates how menstrual cycle awareness can be a pathway home to our body’s ever-changing needs, as well as to creating sustainable ways of living personally and collectively on our earth.

In This Episode:
  • What the soil and compost has taught Lazola about the power of inner winter and how to claim rest as a natural birthright.  

  • How cultivating more intimacy with both our inner seasons and the seasons in nature around us creates a vivid sense of belonging (and what Lazola’s baboon neighbours have taught her about belonging together!).

  • Lazola’s vision for how the practice of cycle awareness could transform the way we live on earth.

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