Episode 120: My Journey from Self Doubt to Cycle Aware Creativity (Chloe Isidora)

Chloe Isidora is the creator of My Moon Power, a set of essential oils to help you connect to yourself and your menstrual cycle process through the inner seasons. She is also the author of 'Sacred self-care: everyday rituals for a more joyful and meaningful life' and has worked with women and womb-bearers for almost two decades to restore their connection with their womb space, encourage self-care and teach practices that heal, empower and enhance lives.

She’s a graduate of our Menstruality Leadership Programme and has a deeply devoted practice of menstrual cycle awareness. We invited her to the podcast to explore her creative process over the past several years, through a cycle-aware lens. It’s a beautiful, inspiring and very relatable journey from self doubt, uncertainty and low self esteem, through a series of unexpected twists and turns to a life where she is living her Calling through the My Moon Power project.

In This Episode:
  • The surprising underground spiritual influences that have sustained Chloe’s connection to herself, her womb wisdom and the soul of the project. 

  • How to practice letting go in deep self-acceptance throughout the inner seasons, as a way to prepare for the great letting go at the bleed.

  • How Chloe is navigating the bumpy, challenging ‘birthing’ moment of this project; including holding herself through increased visibility and staying true to the visions through moments of slower momentum.

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