Episode 110: Dismantling Old Identities and Re-birthing Yourself in Menopause (Lisa Schrader)

Our guest today, Lisa Schrader is the founder of Awakening Shakti and the author of Getting Started with Tantra and has impacted the lives of thousands of women for over a decade as a workshop leader, author, speaker and coach.

She joined us for our live menopause course - Menopause: The Great Awakener -  last year… (the doors just opened yesterday, and the early bird is available until Oct 25th - more about that later).

Today, she shares how the course supported her through the 3-year post menopause dismantling-shedding-rebuilding re-birthing she’s currently emerging from. It’s been a deep process of dismantling old identities and recovering from a lifetime of over-achieving, pressure, performance, and people pleasing, to awaken the Queen archetype and a new kind of sovereignty.

In This Episode:
  • Lisa's long process of dismantling her inner “Overachiever” that was born when she was chosen to be the first Tantra and sacred sexuality teacher to appear on Oprah.
  • How her garden has helped her reset her nervous system and attune to the new pace that menopause was inviting her into, slowing right down to reclaim her natural rhythm.

  • What has helped her to navigate her body image demons, including how she is embracing pleasure and allowing her sensual connection with nature to guide her.

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