Episode 107: The Healing Power of Making Your Own Menstrual Art (Jasmine Alicia Carter)

Those of us who are passionate about the power of menstrual cycle awareness can feel a little  crazy in our world. Not only does our culture overlook the power of the menstrual cycle, but it continues to perpetuate an atmosphere of shame around all things menstrual.

That’s why I love meeting women like Jasmine Alicia Carter.

Jasmine is a Menstrual Artist and Feminine Empowerment Mentor. She’s been painting with her period blood since 2016. It’s become a sacred art and ritual that has changed her life and the lives of thousands of women across the globe, through the budding Menstrual Art Movement!

In This Episode:
  • How Jasmine paints with her blood, and the healing, de-shaming power of working creatively with your blood.

  • What happened when Jasmine’s menstrual art went viral via an article in the daily mail - how she transformed the hate she received into fuel for her practice.

  • The ripple effect of her menstrual art, for her son, partner, family and the wider community gathering around the menstrual art movement.

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