Episode 106: How to Thrive as Neurodivergent, Cycle-Aware Changemaker in a Linear World (Lucy Pearce)

When Lucy Pearce published her book about the power of the menstrual cycle, Moon Time: Harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle 11 years ago, she was one of very few people talking about periods, and it was one of the first books in print to speak about the Red Tent movement.

Over the past decade her loyalty to her cycle has helped her as a multi-passionate creatrix to write twelve books, found Womancraft - a paradigm-shifting publishing house, edit and publish over 50 books, teach courses, create beautiful art and parent three children.

Five years ago she received an autism diagnosis,
and in our conversation today we explore how this had helped her to understand herself far better, have tools to care for herself and manage her life as a cycle-aware creative in an all-too-linear world.

In This Episode:
  • How to process a neurodivergence diagnosis, renegotiate your life and relationships and create a protective bubble to safeguard yourself.

  • How Lucy navigated years of crippling shame which shut down her creativity entirely, by saying yes to her creative expression in small ways.

  • The truth that real creativity happens outside of our comfort zones, and how we can lean into the stretch to meet what is truly authentic, and unearth that which has been shut down within each of us.

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