Episode 101: How Womb Healing Can Liberate Your Leadership (Tumelo Moreri)

Today we’re talking about womb healing and leadership with Tumelo Moreri who is a Spiritual Healer, Womb Medicine Woman and Embodied Leadership Guide based in Botswana. Her work is anchored in her training in leadership and integrative coaching as well as African Spirituality.

It’s a far-reaching conversation, rich in story and sprinkled all throughout with embodied feminine wisdom.

In This Episode:
  • How to follow your Calling, even when everything around you seems to be collapsing, and nobody around you seems to understand (and how your womb can guide you when you’re being cracked open).

  • How connecting with your ancestors - an important part of Tumelo’s womb healing approach - can serve as an antidote to imposter syndrome (and how cycle awareness amplifies this)

  • Our wombs as a gateway to the mother, the mystery our own unique medicine and how we can each work to ‘partner with our wombs’ as leaders.

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Episode Transcript
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