Mothering your Daughters through Menarche

Join this special course, created in collaboration with The Real Period Project, to explore how to nurture and nourish the girl* in your life to approach her puberty years and first period with curiosity, support and a readiness for the changes ahead.

Menarche is often defined as a girl’s first period, but we believe it is a sacred time of transition that spans a few years around this special event.

Mothering your daughter as she moves through all the ups and downs of puberty is an initiation for you too. It can be a lonely and bewildering experience. We want you to feel resourced for this journey so you can both support yourself and really be there for your girl.

* although we use the terms mother and daughter this course is intended for anyone who has experienced periods themselves and/or those who are parenting a child who will experience periods. See FAQs for more...


Mothering your Daughters through Menarche


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