Hormone Harmony


Join thousands of women who have already started to work with their menstrual cycle, to create health and balance, and unlock the natural freedom and joy that comes from being grounded in feminine power.

Here's the thing....

The menstrual cycle is a normal, vital and vitally important process in a woman, and a healthy menstrual cycle is a sign that your overall health is good.

Treating the cycle as the enemy is one of the key causes of menstrual suffering

In fact, making sure your cycle is happy is the number one practice for any woman wanting to feel well and on top of her game!


  • you're suffering from menstrual pain or problems, and want to learn to heal those naturally
  • or you're wanting to explore more about your feminine power, and the consciousness of the menstrual cycle
  • or you're on hormonal contraceptives, and want to come off them, and find different, healthier ways to manage your fertility
  • or perhaps you're having fertility problems

Then join us on Hormone Harmony!

On the Hormone Harmony course, you'll:

  • Learn the secrets to creating a healthy, nourished cycle, so that you can take control of your life, and really get 'in the flow'
  • Discover the ultimate self care and stress management practice for women
  • Feel like your body is your top ally to becoming your full self
  • Know exactly how to start healing menstrual problems - and have a set of checklists for your specific condition
  • Know how to be in charge of and optimise your fertility if you want
  • Discover the ultimate self-care practices to soothe mind and body, and create health and balance throughout the month
  • AND you'll engage with like-minded women the world over to share and deepen your experience, as well as access to our expert menstrual mentors to help you with your questions along the way.

In this course, we've brought together our top resources, practical tips, links and tools to help you.

We've included everything you need to get your hormones (and you) humming along happily - because we want you to be able to take charge of your menstrual wellbeing, take charge of your life, and reconnect with your power as a woman.

Our programmes have evolved through listening to thousands of women's stories, so you can be sure that when you join the course, you get the benefit of all that wisdom as well as our expertise in the fields of women's health, menstruality, and natural fertility.


Hormone Harmony
Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer & Alexandra Pope


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