Join this special course from Red School, to explore, recover, and re-invent your menarchial experience - in order to reclaim the seed of your own unique potential as a woman.

Menarche is the time of your very first period.

Did you know that your experiences at your very first period, can strongly influence your experience of menstruation for the rest of your life?

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You've already completed the Red School Menstrual Cycle Literacy course
  • You want to venture further down the path of exploring your menstrual journey
  • You feel like you're missing some important piece of yourself as a woman
  • You know you had a difficult experience at menarche, and you'd like to heal it
  • You're the mother (or the ally) of a girl - and you want to learn from your own experience - and have access to a ton of incredible resources - to support her during this crucial transition time
  • You really want to re-claim and re-ignite your power as a woman - simple as!

Join this course, and you join hundreds of women who are already re-imagining their futures with Red School

On the menarche course you will:

  • Get a fresh start to your journey into womanhood
  • Release trauma, shame or grief associated with menarche
  • And awaken to the essence of your Calling


Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer & Alexandra Pope


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