Vision - Red Power Card Reading


This power lies at the heart of your menstruation - we call it the fourth chamber or phase of menstruation. It speaks of your capacity for visioning, to be a visionary. At menstruation you can access the deeper meaning of your life, your Calling, what you have come here to serve. You can also vision for your community. You become the oracle.

This card might be encouraging you to trust your visionary nature especially at menstruation; or, that what is needed in your life right now is the deeper vision of what and who you are. When you next bleed, deeply deeply surrender away from the ‘noise’ of the world, be utterly present to yourself and watch what comes up. Or as we like to say “Take dictation from the divine” and don’t argue with it (as one can do when the Calling speaks!). Wherever you are in your cycle, stay very present. Vision needs you to be present.

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