The Wisdom of Menopause


We adore Lisa Hendrickson-Jack’s Fertility Friday podcast so it’s always a pleasure to be invited on to talk about the things we love.

In this episode, Alexandra and Lisa talk about the power and wisdom of menopause.

FFP 333 | The Wisdom of Menopause | Empowerment During Perimenopause and Beyond | Alexandra Pope

Alexandra addresses the concept of ‘perimenopause’ and the sacredness of menopause itself, we talk about the preparation that menstrual cycle awareness provides for menopause (and how there’s nothing to worry about if you haven’t engaged with your cycle until now) and about the wisdom and power that is available when women learn to trust their bodies through this transition.

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This wasn’t our first time on Fertility Friday, listen to us talk about Harnessing the Power of your Menstrual Cycle here and find Lisa, who hosts the podcast, on Instagram here.


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