13 allies for menstruation - #6 Silence


Photo: Gordon Hempton

Part 6 of 13 Ah bliss, no noise, no input for anything or anyone. It’s that simple, folks. Just simply having silence at menstruation, and that means even no music, just nothing at all (at least of what you can control!) will naturally open up a glorious inner spaciousness. You’ll feel yourself slip inside something that feels sacred within yourself - it is the ‘inner temple’ of women. It’s also like an inner silence. You enter a metaphorical cave,  which muffles the sounds of the world, and you can feel a real stillness, quiet and restedness. Ideally it’s great to be on your own but even if you are with your beloved, enjoy silence together. We realise this may not be an option with children! But could you find a way to ‘turn down the volume’ on how you at least relate to them. Be creative with this. Any reduction in noise is going to help you. You have such a fine sensing at menstruation, and that sensing is easily scrambled by noise and all the general doingness of life.

Suggestions for calling in the ally: For a little while start having more silence in your life overall. Don’t automatically turn on the radio or music to have background noise. Try silence instead. You may be surprised how creative it can be, with all sorts of ideas and inspirations coming to you. But especially be conscious to do this as you come into menstruation. There’ll be a moment when you’re good nature suddenly isn’t very good anymore, you may feel an intense reactivity or maybe a sudden collapse in mood. There will be some distinctive phenomena or feeling that occurs before bleeding. Name that moment as the signal to prepare for menstruation - make a conscious decision to take some time without media/social media and even music.  Go into a cone of silence and let the zone of menstruation claim you.


Do you know what your 'signal' or 'call' for silence is? Pay close attention as you're approaching menstruation and make a note what your 'call' for silence looks/feels like


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