Moon time chocolates


Milly from Moon Time Chocolate writes:I create handmade chocolate truffles inspired by, and nurturing our cyclic nature as women. They are made with fairtrade and organic cacao, nut butters, herbs, flowers and love ~ all sweetened with unrefined coconut sugar.I know what it is to journey through the seasons of our cycle, the ups, downs and depths we meet. I have created these chocolates to support us on this journey; to encourage us to meet and embrace each phase and enhance the unique qualities they gift us.They are also a brilliant tool to educate others/young women about the cycle. The idea arose following an 'Unleash your Creativity' workshop with Alexandra in Bristol in 2015, linking two threads I am really passionate about ~ Menstruation and Chocolate!  Following years of tracking my cycle, learning and harvesting ideas and insights, and attempting to break the taboo of this subject through many interesting, awkward and fun conversations, I birthed Moon Time Chocolate.

Moon Time Chocolate truffles:

Supporting our bleed is the 'Rose & Cramp bark' truffle. Rose delights the feminine floral senses, connecting our heart and womb. Cramp bark to remind our bodies muscles to relax and let the flow flow.Towards the end of our bleed we have the 'Apricot, Almond & Ginger' truffle. With iron rich apricots, potassium rich almonds and warming, circulatory & digestive ginger.

Once our flow has stopped and our energy is beginning to rise, comes a boost from the 'Maca & Shatavari' truffle, helping balance hormones & tone the reproductive system.We reach ovulation, meeting the 'Hazelnut, Damiana & Acai' truffle. A perfect pick me up with subtle aphrodisiac properties of damiana.

The 'Cranberry & Blood Orange' truffle is simply fun! I just had to get the word blood in to one of my truffles!In our delicate premenstruum, we invite the soft, sweet floral delight of the 'Lavender, Chamomile & Calendula' truffle. And more to come ~ watch this space.These chocolates are inspired by the menstrual cycle, but it does not mean you cannot eat them if you don’t have one. Please enjoy! All the information provided is for reference only. I do not make any claims that these chocolates are medicinal.


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