Miranda Gray's Worldwide Womb Blessing


Sjanie and Alexandra would like to extend Miranda's invitation to all the women at Red School. You are warmly invited to join the upcoming Worldwide Womb Blessing on 22nd February 2016. This free distant global meditation and transmission of Sacred Feminine energy, held by Miranda Gray, will help you to grow into the empowered, passionate, unrestricted, creative, sexual and spiritual woman you are meant to be!

Miranda Gray, author of the acclaimed book Red Moon, the ‘Female Energy Awakening – Womb Blessing attunement’ offers this blessing for ALL women, to help them to awaken, restore and heal their true femininity. Miranda describes each event as a sanctuary of the feminine in a masculine world, where we connect with thousands of women worldwide to heal our femininity, awaken aspects of the cycle archetypes that we have lost, reconnect to sacred femininity, and then step out into the world centred in our power and joy.

Register to take part at one of four times on the 22nd February: www.wombblessing.com It's an honour for Red School to support the World Wide Womb Blessing and all the beauty and magic it spreads in the world. www.wombblessing.com


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