Meet the critic - Red Power Card Reading


You may be scratching your head wondering how this could be a power. Bear with us, it could just be one of the most liberating powers you can have on your side. Your capacity to meet your inner critic and let yourself be ‘worked’ by it, will deliver you to a sense of dignity, resolve and discernment. That is the power.

To meet the critic is to meet that critical voice in you that lets you know in no uncertain terms what is wrong with you. As you face what it has to say deliberately and mindfully, examining what might be true and what not, you learn to take your own side, deepen into your own nature, and grow into an ever more grounded authority that allows you to speak truth to power.

When you meet the critic you take a reality check on your life, clean up what is not you, get clarity about yourself, where your strengths and vulnerabilities lie. It’s like you’re stepping up to take greater responsibility for who you are - warts and all - and feeling the dignity in that.  Ultimately at a deep level meeting the critic becomes a form of Awakening.

The inner critic has a natural home in the cycle and that is the premenstruum. As you practice cycle awareness you can begin to restore it to its rightful place in your initiatory journey rather than feeling chronically at the mercy of it.

For detailed information on this powerful inner figure and what it has to offer check out our book Wild Power in which we have two chapters exploring how to meet it and unlock its gifts.


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