13 allies for menstruation - #3 Simplicity


Part 3 of 13 Simplicity can be a number of  things—reducing your workload; reducing your environmental load on the planet by living more sustainably (hint: honouring the cycle is the number one sustainability practice); it also holds a quality of gentleness, of not forcing things, and staying closer to the simple things of life.

It’s crucial to have this ally if you are to get the most out of menstruation. Arriving at menstruation with too much on your plate you’re likely to explode, feel overwhelmed, overtired or generally numb, all of which block your way to the inner temple of menstruation. So start shedding stuff—jobs and things—as you get closer to menstruation and you will feel a readiness to enter the temple more consciously. You’ll probably notice if you are practicing cycle awareness that you want to do this anyway. We love how the cycle conspires to deliver you to the inner temple regardless of what you think you ought to be doing!


Suggestions for calling in the ally:

  • Set an intention right now to practice more simplicity overall for this coming month. Down tools for a moment, collect yourself, come to your breathe and, regardless of what’s going on, and invite the ally of Simplicity in now. Feel it taking up residence in your being. Have it be an organising principle for your life this month. Refer to it in challenging moments. What would the ally say?
  • Write the word up somewhere so you are reminded of it.
  • Drop some things off the ‘to do’ list. Do just the basics of daily living, no complicated cooking for family or organising some great project. Keep everything as simple as possible this month and ESPECIALLY in the dying days of the cycle. …..
  • The power card for this month is Lose it. We always pick the cards at random, so it looks like the Universe’s clue to simplicity is to be less controlling of your life. Drop or stop pushing your own agenda on life occasionally and follow the moment. Could that lead to more ease and simplicity? Try it! We will be.

What difference has Simplicity made to menstruation this month? What did you experience?Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you


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