How your menstrual cycle can help you live your calling

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Along with being a powerful vehicle to deliver vitality, health, creativity, and a deep sense of belonging, menstrual cycle awareness is also a gateway to purpose. By practising menstrual cycle awareness, you access what we call your Wild Power – your Calling.

 At this time on our Earth, we have never been in more urgent need of women changemakers who are connected to their Calling, and have the skills and resources to live it fully. What most women don’t yet know is that their menstrual cycle is an initiatory process to create a deeply purposeful life.

 What is “Wild Power”?

Wild Power is a living presence that’s seeking expression through you. It longs to be embodied and expressed through the singularity of who you are. 

It’s an un-nameable, unknowable mystery at the heart of your being. It’s on your side; it’s your individual way in the ocean of possibility. 

It can’t be controlled or mastered – your ego doesn’t have a say in it. And therein lies Wild Power’s brilliance: it has an imperative to keep you true to yourself, an agenda that no amount of arguing with can change. It’s this quality that makes it initiatory. 

Wild Power becomes ‘embodied’ through the process and practice of menstrual cycle awareness over time. 

The menstrual cycle creates the ‘container’ – the necessary limits, tasks and rhythm – through which Wild Power can flow and work to forge your psychological growth and spiritual maturity. Present within you from the moment you’re conceived, Wild Power lies dormant until your first bleed at menarche, when it announces itself and begins to inform and orchestrate your life path. 

During your menstruating years, as you engage with your cycle and court your Wild Power, an intimate presence of Love is able to take up residence within you and infuse your life with purpose and meaning. At menopause you’re offered the opportunity of wholeheartedly inhabiting that Love and claiming the full authority of your Wild Power.

Embodied Wild Power is the liberated expression of who you are. 

It’s the culmination of wisdom that you begin to live by, the peace that you make with who you are, and the freedom to express your creativity in the world. It’s the revelation of your awakened self, restoring you to a feeling of belonging in the World.

Wild Power is both a stabilizing presence and a catalyzing force to evolve and realize your deepest self and highest potential. 

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