How can menstruality heal our relationship to earth? It’s time for radical action.


We’ve been dreaming into this question for the last three decades, and never has there been a more important time to listen for the answer.

Although the Extinction Rebellion is doing a phenomenal job of raising awareness of the climate crisis, scientists are now clear that we have only twelve years to mitigate climate change - it’s time for radical action.

What role can our menstrual cycle awareness play in this?

We passionately believe that menstruality can transform our relationship to the earth.

Yes, it’s a bold statement! But we’re living in tumultuous times, and fortune favours the bold.

The first way our cycle awareness can re-create our relationship to nature and earth is it's capacity to bring us into contact with the full spectrum of who we are.

It keeps us sensing and feeling.

It awakens our animal nature and invites us to be in the ground of our body, alive to the fullness of this life force moving through us.

This prevents us from becoming hard and armoured and allows us to stay awake to the world and be sensitive to all of life, which in turn inspires care, love and action for all Life.

Secondly, as you work with this cyclical consciousness within yourself, you’re restoring cyclical consciousness for those around you, and for the world at large.

You’re reigniting a responsiveness to life, and a pacing that allows a sense of spaciousness. This is powerful medicine in a world that live in a 24/7 top-gear mode.

The mainstream 'do-do-do' mentality creates an armouring that shuts out the world; deadening ourselves, our souls, our connection to the mystery, our connection to the feminine.

On the other hand, loyalty to the cycle awakens us to the ineffable, to that which is mysterious, and to a sense of life-affirming rhythm and flow from which truely fresh and creative responses to our current crisis can emerge.

Thirdly, cycle awareness restores a sense of belonging to life, and belonging to earth. That’s what’s needed in the world, to both thrive, and indeed, survive at this crucial time.

How affirming to know that each time you connect to your cycle, you’re committing to a powerful re-awakening of feminine consciousness that is calling us home to balance with the natural world.

Thank you for helping to heal our earth,

Sjanie, Alexandra and The Red School Team


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