Enter the void - Red Power Card Reading


What we call the Void is that space just before bleeding, it might be a few hours or for some women 2 - 3 days long. You no longer feel in ‘normal’ life, possibly a little detached, dreamy and blissed out or, alternatively, like you have fallen into a great darkness in which you are exposed to the lashings of your inner critic. It is potentially both Heaven and Hell. It is, critically, The Most Vulnerable Time in the whole cycle and because of that potentially the most spiritually powerful (read all about it in our book, Wild Power!).

When you get this card it could suggest that it's time to drop all defences, all armouring, all agendas, all need to be right and to be utterly present to your most tender, vulnerable, unadorned self without any kind of doing or forcing. It is exquisite, radical, dangerous and divine. Go tenderly as you court this power. And you might find the ally for this month, Sacred, dovetails well in helping you practice this power at any moment in the cycle but most crucially just before you bleed.

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