How to practice menstrual cycle awareness


photo: Sam Lacey

Menstrual cycle awareness is your core Wild Power practice. It allows you to get to know your unique rhythm of power and learn how to live in sync with it, heal your menstrual symptoms, and awaken your personal Wild Power revolution. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a month-at-a-glance menstrual chart. Go to to download our free Red School menstrual chart. Alternatively, you can draw up your own chart, or use one of the many apps available.
  • On your chart, record which day of the cycle you’re on. Day 1 is the first day of bleeding (this doesn’t include the spotting that can occur for some women before the full flow begins).
  • At the end of each day of your cycle, record on your chart your dominant feelings, your dreams, your energy levels, and so on.
  • Start a new menstrual chart at the beginning of your next cycle.
  • Alongside the simple daily charting described above, you may also enjoy keeping a journal in which you record more detailed observations, including synchronicities, sexual energies, themes, arguments and insights. At the very least, maintain basic daily observations, including writing them down.

We notice that the women who get the most out of MCA are those who take the time to do the practice above every day. But don’t worry if you forget the odd day – it can often happen around ovulation when you may find you’re less reflective; or at any other time for that matter. Just pick it up again and keep going.For an in depth description of menstrual cycle awareness check out our book Wild Power and for a deep dive into the practice itself join our Menstrual Cycle Literacy online course

Why not commit to 13 months of daily practice?

Sam Lacey created a ritual (photographed here) after her first full year of practicing cycle awareness. She says:'It was a profound moment for me as it allowed me to connect, not only to all I had harvested from the experience over that year, but also the grief I felt for all the cycles over the previous 20 + years that I wasn’t present to... Having never been initiated into the power of the cycle. Powerful moments of both grief and joy as I experienced both the loss and the homecoming'. You can read more about Sam's journey with cycle awareness here


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