Drift - Red Power Card Reading


Hmmm, Drift doesn’t look like a very powerful power, in fact you’re not doing anything but casting off from the ‘shore’ and letting life’s current carry you where it will. But like all the powers of your menstruality, don’t be fooled, in its rightful place this power is everything.

Classically it sits on the cusp of your inner autumn (premenstruum) and inner winter (menstruation). In fact it’s one of the signals that you are crossing over into menstruation even though you won’t have begun bleeding yet.

To enter the expanded consciousness of menstruation you need to let go of that driven, doing, purposeful self. If you don’t she will only mess up your entry into all the glories of menstruation and cause you some suffering to boot. Enter....DRIFT...she is your guide to negotiate this moment. You will feel the need to drift from within, suddenly your will isn’t very willing to do anything, you might feel a bit dreamy and unable to push on anything, or even experience overwhelm.

You are being asked to let go of the known world now, and make yourself open to the great, glorious, unknown majesty of sacred worlds. Your drifting allows you to find the entry into that interior mystery with ease, even bliss. You can also drift any old time of the day or month because it allows your psyche to re-organise itself, and for magical things to come to you or pop into your head. Think of it as an invitation to serendipity, a device for opening up new possibilities.

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