Cherish - Red Power Card Reading


Cherish heralds in a tender, sensitive, protective approach to ourselves. You are asked to take care of yourself, to tenderly hold and keep safe the preciousness of who you are and your emerging ideas. To cherish is to provide sanctuary for yourself. And conveniently the menstrual ally of the month is sanctuary. ‘Cherish’ is a quality that we could do with all month along but classically we think of it as one of the powers of the inner spring. As you emerge from menstruation, possibly still a little tender and raw, it is crucial to move slowly, deeply cherishing the wonder of who you are that we hope you tasted at menstruation itself. Time enough for taking on the rough and tumble of the ‘real’ world, in those early days of the cycle you are asked to hold yourself close and be a little cautious and protective about what you reveal.Learn more about 'Cherishing' in this blog by Sue Blanch where she describes the magic that unfolded for her as she picked up the sacred task of cherishing herself.


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