13 allies for menstruation - #2 Softness


Part 2 of 13 Since we are dealing with the critic this month we thought we’d practice the ally of softness, and what that means is being kinder and more gentle with yourself. We’d recommend that you give yourself a break from harsh self commentary all month along, but particularly in the premenstruum. And also luxuriate in physical softness: soft cushions and duvets (doonas to you Australians reading this!) or being held in the soft arms of another. It’s particularly crucial to be softer with yourself as you get closer to and at menstruation, in fact it’s an imperative. Tough regimes can be good or necessary at times but in this moment they work against the exquisite subtlety and intimacy that is possible at menstruation. So abandon the regimes and give in to the luxurious luxury of softness, metaphorical or literal!


Suggestions for calling in the ally:

  • It may sound simplistic to simply say be kinder to yourself, but we’re going to be that simple. We’re going to ask you to set an intention right now to practice more benevolence towards yourself, for example giving yourself the benefit of the doubt, cutting yourself some slack, dropping some things off the ‘to do’ list, or not pushing yourself.
  • Down tools for a moment, collect yourself, come to your breathe and, regardless of what is going down in your life, invite the ally of Softness in. Feel it taking up residence in your being.
  • Refer to it in challenging moments. What would the ally say?
  • Write the word up somewhere so you are reminded of it.
  • Go out of your way to acknowledge yourself in some way. If this is not easy ask a friend to tell you things she admires in you. Offer your friend the same affirmation too.
  • Build the positive credits in the bank account of your psyche.
  • Affirm wastefully.
  • Catch yourself doing something right. Go on we dare you!

And conveniently, the power card for this month is Generosity. We always pick the cards at random, so it does look like the Universe is rather conspiring on this softness agenda! Read about it here.


What is your relationship to softness? What is softness teaching you?Let us know in the comments below, we'd love to hear from you


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