13 allies for menstruation - #4 Sacred


Part 4 of 13 One of the most powerful things you can do is to begin to make your whole menstrual cycle experience a sacred process. What we mean by this is to see your cycle beyond ‘just’ a biological function that you have to somehow put up with or manage but instead anoint it as a wise, intimate guide to your inner world and to spiritual worlds. To be connected to the rhythm of your menstrual cycle is to be connected to yourself—your needs, your Calling—to your deep holy self. In your day to day experience of the cycle and especially if you suffer you might not feel it is very sacred, however for this month we want to urge you to invite this ally in.


Suggestions for calling in the ally: it is surprisingly simple and possibly quite challenging but we want you to anoint yourself and the cycle as sacred.

  • You might create a simple ritual to do it or simply say the words out loud to yourself. You can do this right now wherever you in your cycle.
  • In particular, we strongly recommend you begin to think of menstruation as sanctified ‘ground’, it is after all the Inner Temple of women.
  • Also mark as sacred the point in the cycle that you most struggle with instead of fighting or cursing it.  Go on, we dare you! Interpret that loosely for yourself.
  • Even just saying to yourself  “I’m in my sacred time right now,” will affect how you conduct business. We’d also still encourage you to hold on to the allies of slowness, softness and simplicity which we’ve already introduced to you. They all go together well.

Simply beginning to think ‘Sacred’ can have a quietly transformative effect. It is really a secret blessing of yourself, and we think as women we can’t get enough of this.


What difference has anointing the cycle as Sacred made to your overall experience of it and particularly of menstruation this month?Do share your experiences with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you


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