Episode 90: How to Help Girls Navigate the Menarche Rite of Passage (Kim McCabe)

Kim McCabe, the founder of Rites for Girls says that without puberty rites of passage, young people self-initiate. The media tells them how they should be and our youngsters create their own ways of proving their adulthood through feats, dares, and adventures. They try to appear like adults in what they do and how they look: using clothes, make-up, drink, cigarettes, cars, and sex.

According to Kim, we grown-ups can take back the role of initiating our children into adulthood, and “the children welcome it, we are fulfilled by it, and a transition that has become defined by its difficulty can become a joyous one.”

In our conversation today we explore how to take back the role of initiating our girls and young people into their menstruating lives.

In This Episode:
  • How to begin speaking about menstruation, move through shame and support girls to have healthy relationships with their bodies.

  • The importance of asking “what makes your heart sing?” and “what brings you joy?” to our girls, especially between age 10-12, so these threads are tended and their unique essence awakens.

  • The profound impact of happens when you have regular “mother-daughter dates”…

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