Episode 79: How Inner Spring Evolves our Leadership Skills (Alexandra & Sjanie)

What are the gifts of the inner spring? How can inner spring help us step into leadership? What is needed to access the power of the inner spring? And how can we manages the challenges of this inner season?

So many of you have asked for an episode about inner spring and how we can harness it's strengths and manage its challenges, and here it is - the first of two episodes dedicated to pre-ovulatory phase of the cycle.

In This Episode:
  • How to hold the charge of inner spring, manage the sense of overwhelm this inner season can bring, and stay in touch with ourselves.

  • What inner spring can teach us about how to manage the stretch of leadership,  through the dark art of pacing and trust our own timing

  • How inner spring can help us to stay grounded in the face of urgency and bring us back to our medicine - our unique way of contributing to the world

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Show Notes:

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Episode Transcript
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