Episode 71: How the Inner Winter - Menstruation - Awakens Feminine Leadership (Sjanie & Alexandra)

Sjanie’s period came very early last month. She suddenly found herself bleeding on day 12 and the experience was akin to a zen meditation master slapping their student on the back when they’ve momentarily gone unconscious.

She was reminded that there is a wild intelligence within her that was outside of her control, and was invited to dance with the mystery and yield to something bigger.

This is one way that the menstrual cycle offers us a way into a radical kind of leadership. The reality that we don’t control it reminds us that we belong to something greater. If we can receive this belonging, our bleed can fill us with goodness, love, and rightness - a source of great power.

That’s why giving time to yourself at menstruation is positively dangerous! It will change your consciousness. It will awaken you to what life wants from you…

In This Episode:
  • How we understand the term Feminine Leadership, and how the menstrual cycle leads us to it.

  • The specific leadership powers that awaken at menstruation, including clarity about our purpose, an embodied experience of love and belonging, as well as expanded states of consciousness.

  • A key next step for you, if you want to activate more of the power of menstruation in your life.

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Show Notes:
  • Earlubird registration is now open for our 2023 Menstruality Leadership Programme. We've spent over 10,000 hours developing a radical new approach to women’s health, creativity, leadership and spiritual life and we've distilled the best of it into this training.

Episode Transcript
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