Episode 67: How to End the Year (and Everything Else) with Cycle Awareness (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Today we explore how menstrual cycle awareness schools us in endings.

Each month we have an opportunity to practice ending the cycle well, aligning with the deep intelligences at work within us. ..

In this episode we break down the different processes at work as we descend towards menstruation and what they can teach us about how to navigate all of life’s endings; the smaller, more surface level ones like the end of the year we have coming up, and the bigger more profound ones, like ending relationships, moving house, all the way to the deep grief of losing loved ones or miscarriage.

In This Episode:
  • How conscious endings are actually what makes life sacred.

  • The surprising gifts of the premenstruum when it comes to endings - how this phase of the cycle prepares and tenderises us to feel deeply and acknowledge what we love and treasure.

  • The end of the menstrual cycling years, menopause, and the deep wisdom alive in this death-and-rebirth ending.

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