Episode 66: How I Fell in Love with My Premenstruum (Natalie K Martin)

Today we’re continuing our inner autumn premenstrual theme by sharing the last in a three-part series exploring the powers of the premenstruum, how to awaken these powers, and now a conversation about what this looks like in real life.

(And we’re excited to be trying something new today - weaving in comments and insights from you, he community of podcast listeners about your premenstrual experiences.)

Our guest Natalie K Martin is a Menstrual Cycle and Feminine Embodiment Coach
and author who made a powerful transition from corporate career in London to a career in yoga and now menstruality.

Natalie graduated from our Menstruality Leadership Programme this year and is now contributing to the global menstruality movement with her FemmePowered podcast which she hosts alongside Guilietta Durante.

In This Episode:
  • How Natalie, and you - the community - experience the challenges and powers of the premenstruum. We normalise the ‘losing it’, messy moments and celebrate the truth-telling awakenings.
  • The pre-menstrual self care practices that Natalie uses to harness the powers of her inner autumn.

  • What the Menstruality Leadership Programme taught Nat about her limits, slowing down, lightning her load how it inspired a huge, premenstrual awakening one bleak, foggy day 22 morning…

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