Episode 62: The Healing Power of Menopause (Clare Dubois)

Clare Dubois has given her life to reforesting the topics  as the founder of the not-for-profit, TreeSisters, but her menopause experience is demanding that she take a profound pause.

In this conversation Clare breaks down her real-time death and rebirth initiatory process of menopause, from the place she is currently in - the deeply uncomfortable, uncompromisingly thorough, ‘ego-death’ part of the initiation.

She likens it to being carried downstream very fast - you either struggle against the flow or you let go and trust that the river knows where it’s taking you. She’s choosing trust, and hard as it may be, she is loving the ride.

Trigger warning: Clare talks in-depth about healing her childhood physical and sexual abuse.

In This Episode:

We explore:

  • How menopause is supporting her to process early trauma and heal the patterns of dissociation that ensued, so she can land in her body and be herself.

  • The deep gift of menopause - how it is uprooting the patriarchy within her, especially in own work addiction and over-responsibility.

  • What to do when we can’t ‘let go’ in the way Clare has been able to in her menopause sabbatical, and how we can manage the often chaotic menopause process in a world that doesn’t honour our initiations.

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