Episode 61: Five Archetypes to Guide Cyclical Life and Leadership (Dr Joanna Martin)

Our menstrual cycles can be a profound ally in work and leadership. Today we do a deep dive on how to channel our cyclical wisdom as it shifts and changes throughout the cycle month, with someone who has an extraordinary amount of personal and professional experience in this realm. 

Dr Joanna Martin is a renowned visionary, coach and catalyst. As the founder of One of many, her organisation has supported over 60,000 women leaders to greater impact without burnout. grassroots women leaders is a force of nature - massively positive impact for me personally… Personally, she’s widely recognized as the secret weapon advisor behind the success of hundreds of change makers and entrepreneurial leaders… 

The cycle is at the centre of her life and work, she’s overlaid the five archetypes over the phases of the cycle to harness their power and meet the challenges they present: The Lover, The Queen, The Warrioress, The Sorceress, The Mother.

In This Episode:
  • How our inner winter awakens our ‘Sorceress’ phase, and how to harness the magic of menstruation at work.

  • Jo’s monthly ‘catastrophising day’ and how she manages it as the leader of a global organisation, by channelling her ‘Queen’ archetype. 
  • How to catch the shadow of over-giving in inner summer - ovulation - by being mindful of how our ‘Mother’ archetype is expressing itself.

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