Episode 59: How to Approach Sex in Menopause (Dr Sonia Wright)

Dr Sonia Wright - aka The Midlife Sex Coach for Women - combines her natural ability to talk about uncomfortable topics with her medical knowledge, sexual counseling skills and life coaching tools to create a unique brand of sex coaching. In this conversation about sex in midlife and during menopause, we discuss sensitive issues with humour and heart.

In This Episode:
  • The sex challenges that can arise in menopause, such as changing libido, the surfacing of body image issues and vaginal dryness and pain.
  • Redefining what fulfillment means when it comes to sexual intimacy, why orgasm isn’t the goal, and how this changes the game around sex.

  • How to invite our partners into loving, generative dialogue around sex challenges, and the importance of having these brave conversations, especially since we may have 30-50+ years of good sex ahead of us.

Listen to The Full Episode Here:

Show Notes:
Episode Transcript
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