Episode 56: The Power, Intelligence and Pleasure Within Your Cervix (Olivia Bryant)

Today we’re talking about a much misunderstood part of the body… the cervix.

Olivia Bryant is the founder of Self:Cervix, an organisation dedicated to revolutionising the way the cervix is viewed by the medical profession, by science and sex educators. She says:

“As a sexologist and sex nerd, I know the cervix to be a powerful place of pleasure… For us, cervical orgasm is a thing worth exploring, just like Mars is for NASA”

In This Episode:
  • The spectrum of cervical awakening, from healing trauma, to enhancing pleasure, to cultivating states of deeply loving consciousness.

  • The cervix is the only organ in the body that connects to three major nerves? It’s wired to feel PLEASURE

  • The connection being cervical orgasma and our capacity to relax into our naturalness, and receive support as well as an abundant flow of resource into our lives.

Listen to The Full Episode Here:

Show Notes:
Episode Transcript
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