Episode 50: How to Fall in Love With Your Menstrual Cycle (Alexandra & Sjanie)

We want to create a world where everyone is in love with the menstrual cycle - not a perfect version of the cycle - but exactly the cycle you have.  Because this love affair revolutionises our lives (and the world!).

That’s why we’ve created our new free online course: Love Your Cycle: Discover the Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness to Revolutionise Your Life where we explore the four phases or inner seasons of your cycle as a gateway to vitality, creativity, power and purpose.

Love Your Cycle is our invitation to you to get to know your cycle in more depth, to fall in love with your cycle, and to grow an intimacy with it that will transform your life - by amplifying your vitality, enhancing your creativity and activating your leadership.

In This Episode:
  • Why falling in love with your cycle isn’t about having a ‘perfect’ menstrual cycle, but rather coming into relationship with the cycle you have (and how to actually do that.)

  • How to make sense of cycle disturbances and hold ourselves as we heal menstrual pain and other health challenges.
  • Four specific cycle awareness practices to harness the power of each inner season of your cycle.
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