Episode 42: The New Story of Menopause *Wise Power Series* (Alexandra & Sjanie)

It’s time to re-write the story of menopause. 

What if the critical, provocative energy of menopause is actually a sign that you’re coming to your senses?

What if menopause isn’t a health condition we suffer from, but that people in menopause you’re actually suffering from is a lack of recognition, respect and support for the profound initiation you’re going through. 

What if, post-menopause, you are more needed than ever. 

This is the first of our menopause summer series, in the run up to the launch of our new book, Wise Power.

In This Episode:

  • The four old stories of menopause, and the new stories that honour and dignify this transition.

  • The ‘emperor has no clothes’ moment that happens in menopause

  • Why our impulse to ‘burn the house down’ in menopause is actaully very sane, and an important part of this initiatory process.

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