Episode 39: The Power of Menopause – Book Title Reveal! (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Menopause is an immense life event, a great initiation. Not only is it a complete hormonal shift in the landscape of your overall health, it’s also a psychological and emotional transformation.

In today’s episode, we explore this incredible, initiatory power of menopause, and the great potential it awakens in us.

This power has been an obsession for Alexandra and Sjanie for most of the past couple of years as they wrote their long-awaited menopause book, and today we have an exciting announcement - we’re revealing the title of the book!

In This Episode:
  • What the writing of the menopause book taught Alexandra and Sjanie about the truth of menopause (and how it kicked them up the backside along the way).

  • The number one thing we each need to learn how to get through menopause.

  • The liberating power of menopause… and how the book launch events we're dreaming into for September will invite us all into a meaningful experience of this power.

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