Episode 33: How to Guide Your Child Through Their First Period (Emily Stewart)

Your first period is a big event. Today we’re exploring why it’s so important to support girls and young menstruators through this transition, as well as how we can resource ourselves as parents, aunties and carers so we can meet our kids where they are at and celebrate them.

I’m talking with Emily Stewart, the founder of The Real Period Project, and a Celebration Day for Girls facilitator, and the creator of the Red School Mothering Your Daughter Through Menarche programme. Her dream is to see a world where the menstrual cycle is seen as an ally and teacher, and talking about it is a normal part of life.

In This Episode:
  • How to practically prepare for guiding your child through their first period, including ways to resource yourself, as well as age-appropriate books and other resources.

  • Why it’s important to start sharing about periods when your child is young and receptive to exploring ideas, and before the teenage phase kicks in.

  • Our upcoming live round of Mothering Your Daughter Through Menarche, how you can join, and how it will guide you step-by-step to nurture and nourish your child as they approach their puberty years and first period with curiosity, support and a readiness for the changes ahead.

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