Episode 28: How to Access the Power of Menstruation

It’s incredible to witness the stigma around menstruation shifting in our world, with period policies in workplaces, powerful work happening to alleviate period poverty and more and more people practising menstrual cycle awareness. 

This de-shaming of the cycle, and especially our bleed, is opening up a gateway for an appreciation of the power of menstruation. 

In this episode, Alexandra and Sjanie share stories, insight and teachings drawn from their map of the five chambers of menstruation, which are a kind of guidebook for people wanting to access and discover and embody the power of our period.

In This Episode:
  • What gets in the way of us experiencing the ‘inner temple of menstruation’, and how can we support ourselves to manage life’s challenges so we can experience the power of our bleed.

  • How to follow the clues our body gives us, and slow down in the pre-menstruum and prepare ourselves to receive the power of menstruation.

  • Why it’s important to focus on receiving and surrender in menstruation, rather than taking action on your insights right there and then.

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