Episode 15: How to Access the Depth, Wisdom and Power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness *Retreat Special* (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Would you love to feel more healthy, more creative and more confident in your leadership in 2022?

Today’s episode is part one of a special series - the Wild Power retreat - where we’ll share six 30-minute interviews over the coming 10 days, all to inspire you to enhance your vitality, creativity and leadership this year, through the power of Menstrual Cycle Awareness.

You can register to be part of the retreat, and receive our emails, watch videos, download our Wild Power Creative Journal, which includes 12 cycle charts at redschool.net/wild-power-retreat.

In This Episode:
  • How to access the depth, power and wisdom of Menstrual Cycle Awareness from the women who coined this term, Red School co-founders Sjanie and Alexandra.

  • How you can work with dreams to deepen your Menstrual Cycle Awareness practice.

  • The Big Red Rule - stay loyal to your cycle experience.

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