Episode 143: How to Practice Cycle Awareness when your Cycle is Unpredictable (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Do you have a menstrual cycle that doesn’t fit within the archetypal menstrual cycle maps? And are you - or someone you know - wondering how to practice cycle awareness when you have unpredictable, irregular cycles and are never sure when your period is going to arrive?

When cycles become unpredictable it’s natural to feel uprooted, frustrated, powerless, confused, and even experience a sense of betrayal from your body.

Today, Alexandra & Sjanie explores the three main reasons why cycles become irregular,
how Menstrual Cycle Awareness invites us to exercise the muscles of inner listening, sensing and knowing, so that new kinds of embodied, cyclical intelligence can be revealed within us, and importantly, how to actually practice cycle awareness when you are off all the usual maps.

In This Episode:
  • How to cultivate trust in your body and your cycle process, especially if you’re feeling lost, angry and experiencing self-blame in the face of your unpredictable cycle.

  • How giving attention to all of life’s rhythms and cycles can support us when our menstrual cycles are unpredictable; including your circadian rhythms, the lunar phases, your overall life cycle and the creative processes you’re inhabiting (particularly in the years running up to menopause).

  • Why life’s big transitions can cause irregular cycles, the deep initiatory wisdom at work inside the disturbance, and guidance for how to work with life’s ‘void’ moments.

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