Episode 129: Wild Power #8: Creating a New Life-Affirming Menstrual Story (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Welcome to the final episode in our Wild Power Bonus series - today we're creating a new life-affirming menstrual story.

It’s time now for each of us to fully reclaim the power of our menstrual cycle. To do that we have to get smart in a world that doesn’t yet recognise or celebrate it. In this episode we share some of our key Red School cycle savvy tips and strategies for restoring the cycle’s wisdom and creating a new life affirming menstrual story.

In This Episode:

In this episode you will:

- Get to know your four undercover agents for a cycle savvy life

- Learn practical ways to create a cycle centred life

- Hear us talk about the crucialness of women and all people who menstruate gathering together to change the world.

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