Episode 127: Wild Power #7: How to Enter the ‘Temple’ of Menstruation (Alexandra & Sjanie)

Welcome to our penultimate Wild Power conversation series. These ‘round-the-kitchen-table’ chats with Alexandra and Sjanie were first released when we published Wild Power: Discover the Magic of the Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power. They unpack the book’s teachings through powerful, practical and funny real-life stories and examples.

Episode seven is about how to enter what we call the ‘Temple’ of Menstruation. Inside each of us lies a hidden ‘temple’, a place of bliss, love and deep belonging and today we reveal how your menstrual cycle prepares you to enter this ‘temple’ each month at menstruation.

In This Episode:
  • Discover how you’re wired for bliss, love and ecstasy when you bleed
  • Learn how your menstrual cycle prepares you enter your inner temple at menstruation
  • Learn what you can do to get a full blast of this blessing

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Episode Transcript
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