Epsiode 12: Menstruality and LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Safety and Belonging

This epsiode explores themes that are right at the heart of the emerging menstrality movement; love, belonging and an invitation for each of our experiences to be dignified, and honoured, exactly as we are.  

I’m talking with LGBTQ+ inclusion consultant, Adele Bates, whose day job is as an education and behavior specialist - just release her first book “Miss I don’t give a sh*t: engaging with challenging behaviour within schools” - we’re celebrating you Adele!

Adele is a graduate of our Menstruality Leadership Programme and has been a profound resource as an LGBTQ+ educator in the Red School community. Today we ask how we can move towards more genuine inclusion in our work as Menstruality pioneers, looking at the questions such as...

In This Episode:
  • How is menstrual cycle awareness different when you’re in a same sex relationship?
  • How can we ensure that non-binary, gender fluid and trans-men feel safe, honoured and a sense of belonging in menstruality work?
  • How might a trans-woman experience menstruality?

Listen to The Full Episode Here:
Show Notes:

  • Adele serves the Menstruality community by offering one-to-one sessions to support you with inclusion around your practice and message. To book a session with her, follow this link - https://bit.ly/359nhHW (It's called a 1-2-1 Behaviour Session because Adele doesn’t advertise this work generally, it’s a special offer for the menstruality community).

Episode Transcript
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