Episode 117: Wild Power #2: Cycle-Awareness as Your Spiritual Practice (Alexandra & Sjanie)

While there are many wonderful spiritual practices available today, the one thing we are not taught is that we have our own unique way or practice encoded in our being that changes everything.  In this episode we restore menstrual cycle awareness as the original spiritual practice, and how it can support each of us to evolve, every day.

This 2nd bonus episode in our Wild Power series was recorded when Red School founders, Alexandra & Sjanie first launched their Wild Power book - and have a buy one get one free offer on the Wild Power book until 21st December, if you’d like to buy one and get one for a friend or as a gift for a loved one over the holidays.

(We’re also running the offer for our menopause book, Wise Power).See below for the link to get your free copy.

In This Episode:
  • Discover how our bodies come coded with our own original spiritual practice
  • Learn how we came to discover the power of the female body
  • ... and how you can begin to activate this uniquely Feminine practice

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Episode Transcript
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