Gender inclusivity in our programmes.

At Red School we teach on the power of the menstrual cycle and the initiatory journey from menarche to menopause. We apply these teachings in different areas including health and wellbeing, personal development, creativity, spirituality and leadership.

Our work at Red School is specifically focussed on the menstrual cycle and menopause. If you are a person with a womb we welcome you to join our programmes to learn about the power of the menstrual cycle and cyclical living.

We recognise that the experience of the menstrual cycle and menopause isn’t confined to cisgender women (those who identify with the gender assigned to them at birth). We want to acknowledge that our work has arisen firstly from our own experiences as white, able-bodied, cis women and secondly, from the experiences of the countless cis women we’ve worked with over the years. And we are further developing the work to include the experiences of non-binary and gender fluid people who menstruate. 

Because cis-gendered women have traditionally been humiliated, shamed, dismissed and trivialised because of the fact of our menstrual cycle and bleeding itself, opening up to the topic can feel dangerous, initially stirring very vulnerable and shaming feelings. We therefore go to great efforts to create safe and supportive atmospheres within which they may feel safe to recover the power of their cycle and release the shame and darkness around it. We extend this sense of safety and support to non-binary and gender fluid menstruators.

Red School is a safe haven for anyone who wants to explore their experience of menstruality whether they are cycling, in menopause, post menopause or are currently pregnant or postpartum. 

Alexandra and Sjanie

See our Inclusivity Statement and Vision and Values