Your Cyclical Business

find your flow - lead with courage - know your worth
A six-week live online programme
With Sophie Jane Hardy
Red School’s Communications Director and Host of The Menstruality Podcast

Are you a teacher, healer or creative, a freelancer, or a purpose-led entrepreneur looking to run your business in a more sustainable, fruitful way?
Would you love to be able to move through imposter syndrome, and get your inner critic on your side as your own, best business coach?
Are you longing for ways to create or grow your business in a way that feels aligned with your values (rather than pushy or salesy)?

Your Cyclical Business is an online programme, and cycle awareness practice community designed to help you to be more creative, manage your energy, navigate your inner critic and help you grow your business in your own unique way - one that works for you and your nervous system.

Our ally is the menstrual cycle.

Together, we’ll explore how to live, work and relate to the world rhythmically – following ancient, timeless cycles and flows that are 100% alive in our bodies, waiting for us to come home to them. This will be less about effort, and more about relaxing into an intuitive wisdom we’ve known all along…

Watch our free introductory webinar

If you’d like to find out more about the programme, as well as learn how to channel your menstrual cycle wisdom into your business, watch our free introductory webinar below.

How Your Menstrual Cycle can Help you to Create a Thriving Business

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“This program is exactly what I needed”
Wow...just wow. This program is exactly what I needed. I feel like I'm syncing all the seasons of my cycle so that I can channel my divinity through me in new and beautiful ways. I can see the maturing of my creative flow and how I feel like I'm syncing up with the song of my soul and how it wants to be expressed in the world. It is so different than what I "thought" I should be doing and truly liberating to discover my authenticity and how it really looks/ expresses versus what I've been imposing on myself unknowingly.

– Michelle Dinu, energy healer.

“Really great insights for my business planning”
I am much more aware of the nuances of my cycle now and I have got some really great insights for my business planning from this program - business practices that I can do during different phases. Autumn is best for editing and filtering, winter for introspecting, spring for building content and summer to be out and about!

– Sakshi Kalra, Systemic Therapist,

There are three core ways that cycle awareness can help you to create your thriving cyclical business:

You’ll explore how the inner seasons of your cycle can help you to steadily shift from overwhelm to sustainable flow, including:

  • How to manage your energy so you can thrive in your business, without burning out.
  • How to create riverbanks for your creative flow, prioritise effectively and make wise choices about your next best steps.
  • How to set up tailor-made systems that alleviate tech and admin overwhelm.

You’ll discover powerful practices that can guide you from self doubt to trust in yourself, and your capacity to lead with courage in your business, including:

  • How to stop self doubt and imposter syndrome from derailing you by getting your inner critic on your side.
  • How to create a ground of safety and confidence, so you can step up and be more visible, without feeling overwhelmed.
  • How to cultivate your own unique way of working and leading, so you can stop comparing yourself to others, and stay in your own lane.

You’ll be guided step-by-step to find your unique way of connecting with potential clients and customers, so you can move from playing small to growing your business with integrity, including:

  • How to communicate the power of your work to new people, in a way that harnesses your natural gifts and ways of connecting.
  • How to market your work in a way that feels in integrity and aligned with your values.
  • How to clarify and package your offers, set your prices and create sales plans with confidence and ease.

About Your Host, Sophie Jane Hardy

Hey, I’m Sophie.

I know that the three shifts I describe above are possible because I’ve made them myself and have had the privilege of working with 100s of purpose-led business owners who are creating more sustainable, impactful and abundant businesses too.

 (You can hear more about my journey from unfulfilled filmmaker → to burnt out activist → to cyclical business coach in the video below). 

I created Your Cyclical Business to harvest the learnings I received from a decade of crafting successful marketing and business plans for individuals, organisations and non-profits, like the TreeSisters ‘Million Trees’ campaign and Red School‘s global menstruality movement.

My aim: to offer you all the support, inspiration, and tools you need to create a thriving business that serves your vision, your community, and most of all, you.

"Sophie has been instrumental in growing the reach of Red School’s menstruality work, enabling us to have the impact we’re having today. She brings a decade of experience creating and guiding vision-led businesses and transformational campaigns, including the TreeSisters ‘Million Trees’ campaign.

She is also a devotee of her cycle, with 15 years of cycle awareness under her belt, and a true passion for helping people to create and grow cycle-aware businesses that are fully aligned with the vision, heart and soul of their work. She currently hosts our Menstruality podcast, which has over 100,000 downloads. 

If you would like to learn how to bring the power of your cycle to your business and work, we can’t recommend Sophie highly enough."

– Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer
Co-founders of Red School

"Sophie served as the highly creative and intuitive Director of Communications for for three years. Industry experts have acknowledged the success of Sophie’s campaigns, including our $90,000 crowd-funding campaign and our Million Trees campaign which helped us plant a million trees a year. She was a jewel in our crown, an irreplaceable gift who has a huge amount of essential knowledge and experience to share."

– Clare Dubois, Founder,

My Cyclical Business Story (and how Your Cyclical Business can help you):
Welcome to Your Cyclical Business...

Your step-by-step pathway (and inspiring community) to channeling the wisdom of your menstrual cycle to create a sustainable, fruitful, impactful business.

“I am getting more and more clients and filling my groups with ease.”
This work has given me my backbone. Setting up a business as 55 and still having a regular cycle, has at times been unbearable. My head has often been in a spin, that pesky inner critic has been taking the p***, and I've felt like giving up. The support of the group, and of course Sophie have been my safety net and somewhere I feel contained, heard and understood. It's nice to feel that I am not alone and I am NOT going mad.

I've grown and grown with the course, I now feel more confident and believe in myself. I am getting more and more psychotherapy clients and filling my breathwork groups with ease.

Sophie is so supportive and championing. She brings me back home every time I am with her and reminds me of how far I have come. She is completely in tune and loving, with a realness and trustworthiness that makes you feel safe. She knows her stuff!I would recommend the course to anyone either starting their own business, already running their own business or even if you are only just planting the seed - Sophie will help you blossom, bloom and thrive.

– Hayley Barker Smith, psychotherapist & breathwork facilitator,

“I don't feel so alone running my business”
Thank you so much for making this course! I can't believe how much I have needed this wisdom. My relationship with my cycle has grown, and it has become like a pair of supportive hands lifting me up. I now don't feel so alone running my business, I have a partner to listen to, to bounce ideas off, and it's my cycle! Amazing! 

Also, listening to the other women during this course has been eye opening, as often I can relate so strongly to how others are feeling and this makes me feel so connected to this new wolf pack! Love that term.

– Libby Chow, video producer / photographer,

What Your Cyclical Business includes:
Five modules with teaching videos - in an easy-to-navigate course website.
Weekly live sessions, each with guided menstruality medicine circle process.
Lifetime access: You’ll have lifetime access to the course teachings, and can join in all future live rounds.
Group coaching (after the live round): We will meet each month for community group coaching sessions to connect, ask questions, share insights and plan your cyclical month ahead.
Community: You’ll be invite to join our Circle community platform for discussion and connection.
Your Cyclical Business Workbook - your companion to the journey, with journal prompts, the map of the inner seasons and 12 x cycle tracking charts.

BONUS ONE: Your Cyclical Business Planning Workshop
We will harvest your learnings, clarify your areas of focus for the coming months, and map out your sustainable workflow, guided by your unique inner seasons.

BONUS TWO: *New this year* Peer pods
You’re invited to create focused working groups, for specific topics and needs – for example, motherhood and business, perimenopause, menopause, running a business with health challenges – or any other topic, you'd like.

You not only have lifetime access to the course, but also to the Your Cyclical Business community, and our monthly group coaching calls.

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“My favorite part of the program is definitely the community!”
I was immediately hooked by Sophie’s calming, nurturing energy and her connection with the cycles of nature around and within her. 

My favorite part of the program is definitely the community. The live calls are such a wonderful place to feel held, nurtured, where you can just show up exactly how you are. I always feel like I’m coming back home to myself.

I also met a wonderful listening partner through the program (hello Kelly) with whom I continue to meet regularly even a year later! It’s been wonderful to have this space to speak about my cyclical process, in my business and in my life, with someone who understands.

Since doing the program, I really aligned my work projects with my cycle and it just makes everything easier! Instead of pushing against the flow, I’m working with the flow! I’m also trying to align my work to the seasons of nature which gives a whole new rhythm to my year, but allows me to be more respectful of my energy.  It’s brought me more compassion towards myself, helped me understand the root cause of my overwhelm, learning to harness the power of each inner seasons in my business and planning my schedule around it.

– Ariane Ladouceur, Yoga Teacher,

The modules:

Module One
Introduction: Your Menstrual Cycle as Your Business Coach and Mentor

Live call: Tuesday 13th June 11am New York / 4pm London
(90 minutes)

  • How cycle awareness can benefit you and your business
  • The menstrual cycle is initiatory in nature (and so is running a purpose-led business).
  • The three evolutionary pathways of a purpose-led entrepreneur

Module Two
Self Acceptance, Renewal, Alignment - Inner Winter

Live call: Tuesday 20th June 10am London / 7pm Sydney
(90 minutes)

  • How can your inner winter help you and your business to thrive?
  • How rest awakens flow, trust and expansion in your business
  • How to practice rest in your life and business

Module Three
Clarity, Innocence, Play - Inner Spring

Live call: Tuesday 27th June 11am New York / 4pm London
(90 minutes)

  • How can your inner spring help you and your business to thrive?
  • How moving tenderly awakens flow, trust and expansion in your business
  • How to practice moving tenderly in your life and business

Module Four
Action, Pleasure, Magnetism - Inner Summer

Live call: Tuesday 4th July 10am London / 7pm Sydney
(90 minutes)

  • How can your inner summer help you and your business to thrive?
  • How allowing awakens flow, trust and expansion in your business
  • How to practice allowing in your life and business

Module five
Boundaries, Discernment, Courage - Inner Autumn

Live call: Tuesday 11th July 11am New York / 4pm London
(90 minutes)

  • How can your inner autumn help you and your business to thrive?
  • How going slowly awakens flow, trust and expansion in your business
  • How to practice going slowly in your life and business

BONUS Module Six
Your Cyclical Business Planning Workshop

Live call: Tuesday 18th july 10am London / 7pm Sydney
(90 minutes)

  • You’ll leave with clarity about how to organise your workflow over the coming months, in alignment with your cyclical wisdom.

“Self-acceptance. Self-acceptance. Self-acceptance.”
The core challenge I was facing in my business was how to get and attract clients. I experienced crippling resistance (fear) to promoting myself. I also wrestled with how to talk about my work in a way that's aligned with me and my unique nature. On the course I discovered four core things:

1. If I follow the energy and impulse of my inner seasons, they can help me birth a business that is beyond what I probably could even have dreamed of. 

2. Where I go, my business and life go.  

3. Self-acceptance. Self-acceptance. Self-acceptance. This was a HUGE touchpoint for me and probably my biggest takeaway from the course. I have been doing self development work for years, but this course helped me touch an issue that has never been resolved in me and the reason I'd always hit a glass ceiling in my self work - I had not accepted myself as I am. 

4. My calling comes with an inbuilt, natural authority. This insight felt like a whole-body experience in its profundity and impact on me. It's giving me permission I dared not give myself before. No one can question the authority that comes with my calling. There's a boldness to this revelation but also a humility.

– Sunshine Kamaloni, Racial Diversity Consultant,

“I have a structure that allows me to rest on solid ground no matter what I am doing”
I've gained confidence in my capacity to shine in every season using the various qualities and tools shared. I also have more structure, focus, and awareness, eg: I'm a visionary and this manifests in different ways according to the seasons. I have a structure that allows me to rest on solid ground no matter what I am doing, I can trust the changing dynamics of my flow.

– Lisa Sutherland, massage therapist,

How can Menstrual Cycle Awareness enhance your business?

In Your Cyclical Business, we’ll explore the four phases of your menstrual cycle through the lens of the four seasons of the year. Here’s a taste of the power of each of these phases….

Inner winter (menstruation)

This phase is your greatest ally in creating a business that is sustainable, successful and impactful. Running a business can be thrilling, and exhausting; you’re wearing ten different hats, managing your energy and stepping up every day. The regenerating powers of inner winter can help you to create powerful results in your business, from a place of rest, ease.

Inner spring (pre-ovulation):

Throughout the life cycle of a purpose-led business, you can find yourself in phases of both stagnation and overwhelm. If you don’t know how to find new clarity, inspiration, and direction in these times, you can get caught in loops which hold back your creative potential. Your inner spring can usher in just the focus and clarity you need to run your business in your own unique way, each and every cycle month.

Inner summer (ovulation):

You have a unique medicine that is unlike anyone else. You have a vision for the powerful transformation your work can create for your clients and customers… If you’re able to channel the magnetic ovulatory powers of inner summer, show yourself in your wholeness, and shine in your unique way, you awaken a kind of superpower within that enables you to take bold, brave action.

Inner autumn (pre-menstruum):

There’s a powerful initiatory medicine here for us as purpose-led entrepreneurs. In inner autumn we’re asked to face ourselves, to meet our shadow, and to negotiate with our inner critic. If we know how to do this, we can awaken the big, transformational powers of boundaries, discernment, and courage - we can become our own best business coach.

What participants are saying...

After taking Your Cyclical Business, this is how many people felt more confident in their capacity to do the following:

To create more sustainable ways of working - 86%
To manage their inner critic in their business - 89%
To grow their business in a way that aligns with their values - 75%
To plan their business around their cycles - 89%
To work with the more challenging phases of their cycle - 83%
To channel the powers of their cycle into their work life - 83%
What people are saying about working with Sophie

“A rare combination of head, heart and purpose”

“Sophie and her programmes are a rare combination of head, heart and purpose. There is a powerful connection to heart centered values running through her work, which also dives deep into the nuances of marketing and business. Being part of her programmes has been a delight. The support from the community, Sophie’s ability and willingness to address all questions as well as her encouraging presence makes her programmes even more special.”

- Shruti Sonthalia, Leadership Coach

“A precious resource I know I can keep coming back to”

“Your Cyclical Business has helped me to trust myself, my energy, and to flow with the different menstrual phases to support periods of creativity and rest in my life. The lessons from the Cyclical Business course infuse my work and support me. It is a precious resource I know I can keep coming back to. I feel more attuned with the cycles of nature and applying cyclical wisdom to my business makes so much sense. It would be destructive to live in a constant summer, so why do we do it in business? That was a big realisation for me!”

- Rosanna Ellis, Palliative Care Nurse and Co-founder of Essence Medicine

“A massive game changer”

“Navigating the terrain of the inner critic has been a massive game changer. I feel empowered now to take my vision forward without being hijacked by its negative messages. Integrating deep rest and renewal and allowing for visioning time during my bleed is also going to allow me to create a sustainable rhythm that I can maintain over time.

- Roshnii Rose, Journaling mentor,

“I would recommend the programme to any founder...”

“I run an independent underwear label focused on empowering women to celebrate their natural beauty. Aligning the inner structure of the business with my cycle felt like a very authentic way of staying in touch both with my own inner feminine wisdom and magic, but also with a larger sense the power and majesty of womanhood.

The course helped me learn some very specific things about what work aligns best with what inner season, most importantly though I really discovered the power of giving space dreaming and visioning for the business during my bleed. Sophie is warm hearted, generous and very experienced - I was constantly touched by her wisdom magic. I would recommend the programme to any founder wanting to understand their own inbuilt productivity map.

- Louisa Michel, founder of Brighton Lace,

“My cycle really can be my super power”

“I really enjoyed the format of this course. Each element builds on the next and the live session works just as well live and replayed. I have started many courses but don't often get to the end of them, but this one I look forward to the new videos each week and watch them as soon as I can. It is such an engaging course.I’m definitely starting to believe that my cycle really can be my super power and l’m already passing this new knowledge onto my young daughter as she approaches menarche.”

- Nicola Simpson, Yoga teacher,

“I am touched by how you see me”

“Sophie, I’m very inspired by your intuition. And I am touched by how you see me and the other group participants. Thank you for that. I know that I have my bleeding retreats not only for me but also for the community here in my home country, which in moments feels challenging to be the one who ”leads the way” and takes steps that not many have taken yet. It feels liberating to be seen in that. I am so grateful for what you hold space for in this course.”

- Maria Stadell, writer and teacher,

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Why create a cyclical business?
What are the benefits of creating a cycle-aware business?

By cultivating an intimacy with your menstrual cycle, and applying that intimacy in both visionary and practical ways in your business, you’ll be cultivating an intimacy with your deep self, and with your calling. This unlocks a fresh, vital form of creativity, brings deep meaning to all you do, and is just pure fun.

For the people you serve:

Menstrual cycle awareness involves a deep curiosity and capacity to listen, a receptivity to live and to the subtle rivers that flow beneath the surface. By leaning into your cycle experience as you work to realise your vision and live your calling, you’ll enhance your capacity to hold space for the people you serve, to hear what they need, and tap into new, creative ways to offer it to them.

For your family / community:

As you explore how to follow your cycle’s unique creative flow, and discover how to work with your inner critic, you’ll free up more energy and space not only for yourself, but for your family, your community and the people you love. I don’t mean to say that you’re going to add another thing to your to do list. I simply mean that deeper, more loving relationships are often a natural by product of cycle intimacy and living your calling.

For the collective:

By making space to hear, receive and live the wisdom of your cycle and bring it to life in your work, you’re contributing to the restoration of natural, cyclical, sustainable wisdom at the heart of our world.

For future generations:

You’re paving the way for cycling people of the future to be supported, honoured and dignified in their cycle process.


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